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DSE Market Commentary @ August 16, 2021

  • Welcome to the trading at Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) which has begun today on Monday, August 16, 2021.
  • Today trading started at DSE with a mixed movement from the beginning.
  • At DSE, trading has been ongoing with the following trading period: Pre-Opening Session from 9:45 AM to 10:00 AM, Continuous Session from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM and Post-Closing Session from 2:30 PM to 2:45 PM.
  • 80 brokerage firms come under online reporting for online communication framework for risk-based capital adequacy (RBCA) reporting among the market intermediaries.. Of them, 50 belong to the Dhaka Stock Exchange and the rest 30 to the Chittagong Stock Exchange.
  • Bangladesh Bank is cautious while BSEC wants more money flow in stock market. Stock investors now seem to have fallen in a mixed state as they are facing the opposite moves from the two influential regulators, The Bangladesh Bank and The Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), regarding money flow into the bourses.
  • Moves since the beginning of 2020 by the two regulators helped the stock market attract funds and secure a much desired recovery from its decade-low in the last year.  DSEX, the broad-based index at the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), gained 87% from its March 2020 trough.
  • Bangladesh Bank appears to be concerned about any overheating of the markets recently has demonstrated its cautious position through urging for no borrowed fund diversion into the stock market, floor setting for deposit rates at per inflation, mopping up some of the surplus liquidity in banks and asking banks to report their capital market exposure every day.
  • Beximco Limited has set from 16-23 August for the initial public offering (IPO) subscription for the country’s largest private Sukuk bond.
  • Beximco will privately place Sukuk units worth Taka 2,250 crore, of which Taka 750 crore will be offered to the company’s existing shareholders, and Taka 1,500 crore to other investors.
  • Besides, Sukuk units worth Taka 750 crore would be floated in an IPO. The Sukuk units having a face value of Taka 100 each will have to be subscribed in a lot of 50 units or multiples that would amount to at least Taka 5,000.
  • The market started today with a mixed movement with a momentary rising at the beginning but fall sharply below as DSEX dropped below 6700 points by 10:22 AM.
  • Moment later, market bounced back with a sharp rise and DSEX reached 6736.53 points by 10:41 AM.
  • Market again continued to fall for around next 50 minutes as DSEX fall to 6710.36 points by 11:31 AM.
  • After 11:31 AM, market started to rise and reached 6751.98 points by 1:04 PM. After that market have seen few ups and down till end of today’s trading session  but remained over 6740 points level.
  • Now 2:45 PM, after Post-Closing session, at the end of today’s (Monday, August 16, 2021 trading, DSEX, the key index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange reached new high of 6748.92239 points with a gain of 49.53105 points or +0.73934% against the last session on the bourse today.
  • At the end of today’s trading, Market Turnover has increased and closed over Taka 2,900 crore range (Taka 29,539.269 mn). It has increased by over Taka 292 crore (Taka 2,922.258 mn) , +10.97891% from previous day’s turnover of Taka  26,617.011 mn.
  • Today a total of 375 company’s shares were traded. Among which prices have increased for 204 companies, prices have decreased for 146 companies and 25 companies have seen its prices remained unchanged.
  • Today’s  SECTORwise trading at DSE have seen again  TEXTILE sector topped with over 17% of today’s market share followed by FINANCIAL INSTITUTION sector.
  • BEXIMCO has topped the list for highest traded shares in terms of total traded value of Taka 1,484.6700 mn followed by IFIC (Taka 907.3550 mn) and LANKABAFIN (Taka 895.2480mn).
  • FIRSTFIN along with JUTESPINN, BIFC, NHFIL have topped the list of most % price change with 10% price increase.
  • Dhaka Stock Exchange, the Dhaka bourse continued its record breaking bullish trend and reached new high for DSEX.
  • The Market Capitalization of the Dhaka bourse has also stood at the historically highest level of BDT 5,4791 bn today.
  • This ongoing buying rush is keeping the market buoyant as both the index and the turnover is surging. Moreover, confidence from the reopening of the economy and comparatively lower return from money market instruments have kept investors interested in the rallying capital market.

That’s all from today’s market. See you on the next day.

Till then Good Bye. Thank You.

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