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DSE Market Commentary @ August 19, 2021

  • Welcome to the trading at Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) which has begun today on Thursday, August 19, 2021.
  • Today trading started at DSE with a downward movement from the beginning.
  • At DSE, trading has been ongoing with the following trading period: Pre-Opening Session from 9:45 AM to 10:00 AM, Continuous Session from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM and Post-Closing Session from 2:30 PM to 2:45 PM.
  • The market started today and momentarily later market started to fall sharply and kept falling for first 15 minutes and by 10:15 AM DSEX fall to 6757.38 points.
  • Moment later market bounced bank sharply and by 10:29 AM, DSEX raised to 6780.69 points.
  • After 10:36 AM when DSEX was at 6780.31 points, market again started to fall sharply and by 10:57 AM DSEX fall to 6745.63 points.
  • From 10:58 AM, market again started to bounce back sharply and by 11:33 AM DSEX raised to 6780.22 points.
  • After 11:42 AM when DSEX was at 6780.53 points, market again started to fall gradually and by 12:30 PM DSEX fall to 6744.67 points.
  • Market continued to fall and by 1:30 PM, DSEX was at 6727.46 points.
  • After 1:30 PM, market again started to recover gradually and by 2:00 PM DSEX reached to 6752.25 points.

  • Now 2:45 PM, after Post-Closing session, at the end of today’s (Thursday, August 19, 2021) trading, DSEX, the benchmark index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange fall and stood at 6760.61865 points with a loss of -11.22995 points or -0.16583% at the end of today’s session.
  • At the end of today’s trading, Market Turnover has decreased and closed over Taka 2,200 crore range (Taka 22,188.894 mn). It has decreased by over Taka 246 crore (Taka 2,466.493 mn) , -10.00387% from previous day’s turnover of Taka  24,655.387 mn.
  • Today a total of 376 company’s shares were traded. Among which prices have increased for 156 companies, prices have decreased for 191 companies and 29 companies have seen its prices remained unchanged.
  • Today’s SECTORwise trading at DSE have seen again TEXTILE sector topped with over 17% of today’s market share followed by INSURANCE sector.
  • BEXIMCO has topped the list for highest traded shares in terms of total traded value of Taka  1,556.2970 mn followed by IFIC (Taka 790.9790 mn) and LANKABAFIN (Taka 746.9140 mn).
  • SBACBANK has topped the list of most % price change with 10% price increase followed by PURABIGEN (9.926%) , KARNAPHULI (9.804%) price increases.
  • Profit booking pushed prices and indices down as shaky investors went for sell-offs to avoid the volatility or downwards momentum of the equity indices.
  • The central bank’s reported efforts to prevent or curb any speculative channeling of stimulus loans created panic among some investors who felt better to book some profits and that triggered the market correction.  

That’s  all  from  today’s market. See you on the next day.

Till then Good Bye. Thank You.

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