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DSE Sees Massive Decline in The Index with Decreased Transactions after Record Turnover in 10 years.

On Monday (June 7, 2021), the second day’s trading after proposal of National Budget 2021-22 FY, the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) ended the day with a sharp fall in the price index below 6000 points range. On the same day, the DSE main price index DSEX fell by 62.39800 points or around 1.03337% fall from previous day’s value. On that day’s trading, the amount of total money transactions value for traded shares on the DSE has also decreased by a large margin of around -21.95663%. On its previous day’s (June 6, 2021) trading, that  value was highest ever in 10 years since 2010. The other market Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) also ended the same picture.

The market turnover (total money transaction value of traded shares) at DSE on Monday (June 7, 2021) has remained over Taka 2,000 crore (Tk. 20832.809 mn) but fall by around Taka. 586 crore (Tk. 5861.0790 mn) from its previous day’s record value of Tk. 26693.888 mn. It was a significant decline by 21.95663%. from its previous day’s value.

The DSEX has fall below the 6000 points range and ended up at 5975.89385 points at the end of Monday’s (June 7, 2021) trading. A 62.39800 points decline (-62.39800 points) or around 1.03337% fall from previous day’s (Sunday, June 6, 2021) value of 6038.29185 points.

On Monday’s (June 7, 2021), shares traded for a total of 367 companies. Among which price increased for 98 companies, price decreased for 242 companies and price remained unchanged for 27 companies.

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