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DSE Sees Over Tk. 2,669 Crore Reacting to the National Budget 2021-22 FY.

On the first day (Sunday, June 6, 2021) of capital market trading after National Budget proposal for 2021-22 fiscal year, DSE (Dhaka Stock Exchange) has seen market turnover over Taka. 2,669 crore, the highest money transaction value for traded shares at DSE since December 2010.

On Sunday (June 6, 2021), the total market turnover (money transaction value for traded share) has increased immensely by 22.32273% .  On this day, the market turnover reached Taka. 2,669 crore  (Tk. 26693.888 mn) at the end of day’s trading. It is an increase  over Taka 487 crore (Tk. 4871.3800 mn) from its previous working day’s (Thursday, June 3, 2021) trading value of Tk. 21822.508 mn which was immediately before the proposal of National Budget 2021-22 Fiscal year. Trading on this day saw a good speed of increase in money transaction for shares traded from the very beginning of the day’s trading to reach such a record value in 10 years. Reflection of the proposals in the National Budget 2021-22 FY was clearly visible on the capital market movements throughout the day’s trading.

Even though the market turnover at DSE (Dhaka Stock Exchange) has increased to record high in 10 years, the main index, DSEX has fluctuated throughout the day’s trading but has ended over 6000 points range. DSEX has experienced a decrease of 15.13512 points (-15.13512 points) to end at 6038.29185 points It was a 0.25003% decrease (-0.25003%) from its previous working day value of 6053.42697 points. It was a reflection according to the National Budget proposal for 2021-22 FY.

BEXIMCO (Bangladesh Export Import Company Ltd. on this day  (Sunday June 6, 2021) has topped the list for most volume and total money transaction value for traded shares. Over 3 crore (31,484,851 mn) shares were traded worth neary Tk. 300 crore (2,942.3570 mn). Share price for BEXIMCO has increased by 9.784% to close at tk. 96.5 per share at the end of day’s trading (Sunday June 6, 2021) which was Tk. 87.9 per share on its previous day’s trading.(Thursday, June 3, 2021).

Share traded for a total of 366 companies on this day (Sunday June 6, 2021). Among which price increased for 145 companies, price decreased for 201 companies and price remained unchanged for 20 companies.

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