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DSEX & Turnover Tumbled In Capital Market.

Sunday (May 23, 2021), first day of the second week after Eid holiday ended continuing decline in DSEX (the main index of the DSE) and also reduction in total turnover of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). The total transaction value for traded shares of the day ended with over Taka 1,485 crore (Tk. 14859.994 mn), which is around Taka 166 crore  (Tk. -1667.8980 mn) less than the previous working day (May 20, 2021) value of Tk 16,527.892 mn. A decline of -10.09141% from the previous working day.

DSEX (the main index of the DSE) also continued to fall for second consecutive days. On Sunday (May 23, 2021) the DSEX ended at 5787.59594 points, which is 25.47306 points (-25.47306 points) less than the previous working day value of 5813.069 points. A decline of 0.4382% (-0.4382%) from previous working day.

On Sunday (May 23, 2021), shares for a total of 362 companies were traded. Among which price increased for 110 companies, price decreased for 188 companies and price remained unchanged for 64 companies.

On the other hand, the overall index CASPI of the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) fell by 79.7091  points (​​ -79.7091 points) to end at 16757.9404   points ( a -0.4734 % fall). Today, 283 companies have participated in the transaction at CSE. Of these, 95 have increased, 147 have decreased and 41 have remained unchanged. Shares and units worth Tk 91.72 crore (Tk 917,316,703 mn) were traded on the CSE.

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