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Tk. 7,000 Crore Rises in Stock Market Capitalization Despite Lockdown.

The Stock market capitalization has increased by Tk 7,000 crore even in the week of lockdown. There were not only upsurge visible on market capitalization, but also had increase on all indices in the capital market in the outgoing week. Meanwhile, the share trading transactions amount has also increased along with the unite prices for the traded companies shares.

The market capitalization for Dhaka Stock Exchange was Taka 4 lakh 60 thousand 612 crore 8 lakh 96 thousand before the start of trading (on May 2, 2021) of last week.  The market capitalization stood at Taka 4 lakh 8 thousand 756 crore 63 lakh 26 thousand at the end of the last working day (May 6, 2021)   of the week. In other words, the investors have got back the market capital of Taka 8,943.94 crore in a week.

Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) had experienced  a turnover of Taka  6,807 crore 67 lakh 60 thousand 6 hundred 21 during the reviewed week. Which is Taka 1 thousand 485 crore 47 lakh 85 thousand 4 hundred 13 of amount more or 26% more than the previous week.

In the outgoing week, the average transaction on the DSE was Taka 1,361 crore 53 lakh 52 thousand 1 hundred 24 worth of shares traded. The average transaction in the previous week was Taka 1,064 crore 43 lakh 95 thousand 41 worth of traded shares. In other words, the average transaction on the DSE during the week has increased by Taka 297 crore 9 lakh 57 thousand 83 .

The DSEX (the main index in DSE), has increased 126 points or 2.31%, to 5,606 points during the week. Among other indices, the Shariah index (DSES) has increased by 2 points or 0.19% and the DSE30 index has increased by 26 points or 1.15% to 1,252 points and 2,137 points, respectively.

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