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Walton has sold Yearly more than 2M Refrigerators

Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited, a listed company, sold a total of 2,040,000 refrigerators last year

 (2020). Walton will quickly become a world-class company by increasing product production as well as maintaining quality.

Walton Executive Director (Marketing) Humayun Kabir said this on behalf of the company on Sunday (March 26). He made the remarks after members of the Capital Market Journalists Forum (CMJF), an organization of journalists in the capital market, visited the company’s Chandra factory.


Humayun Kabir said that there is a huge demand for Walton refrigerators in the country as well as abroad. Last year I sold 20 lakh 40 thousand refrigerators. Although there was some difficulty in selling due to Corona, the demand for our products was much higher.

Deputy Managing Director of the company Mohammad Alamgir Alam Sarkar, Company Secretary Prartha Pratim Das and CMJF President Hasan Imam Rubel, General Secretary Monir Hossain, Vice President MM Masud, Joint General Secretary SMA Kalam and other members of the organization were present.

In response to a question, Uday Hakim, Executive Director of Walton, said that Walton Hi-Tech Park is listed on the capital market. To further increase the ownership of the common man, I will list Walton’s affiliates Walton Digitech Industry Limited and Marcel in the capital market.

According to the company, Walton Hitech Industries was listed on the stock exchange in 2020, dropping 53 percent of its shares. Of these, ordinary investors have 0.9 per cent shares and institutional i

nvestors have 0.44 per cent shares. The remaining 99.03 percent shares are held by the company’s entrepreneurial directors.

The company has raised Rs 100 crore from the market through book building method. The company has repaid Tk 62.50 crore business expansion and Tk 33 crore loan. The company has paid 200 per cent cash dividend to its shareholders in the last financial year.

Officials say Walton will be among the top five companies in the world by 2030. A plan has been adopted for this purpose. Many of the world’s leading companies are already making electric products from Walton.


Walton Hi-Tech Park sells a wide range of products, including refrigerators and freezers, compressors, televisions, air conditioners, computers, laptops, mobile phones, home and chicken appliances, electrical appliances, industrial solutions, hardware, elevators and chemicals.

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